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Removing Powertap Hub Shell

22 May, 2012

If you have a CycleOps PowerTap hub on your bike, one thing you will need to do from time to time (maybe once a year) is replace the batteries in the hub shell. There is a special tool available for doing this, but many people report that they are afraid of rounding the shell off using the proper tool as they are unable to get enough leverage.

The solution is something like a Boa Constrictor tool. Essentially a rubber strap wrench. This tool will allow you to undo the shell and tighten it up without any risk of rounding and little risk of shell damage (just don’t over torque the hub shell when you tighten it back up!). It can be a little tricky to get working initially as it is a little too large for the small hub, but once you have some purchase on the hub shell it is very easy to undo and tighten.

Mine cost about £6 / $9 at my local hardware store but they are available on the web.

Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench

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