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Performing the upgrade to Cyanogen on the HTC Desire HD

4 October, 2011

OK these are the notes I made to myself whilst doing the upgrade to the ROM on the HTC Desire HD. Unlike my other guides, this is not a set of step by step instructions but will give you everything you need to know, especially if you have a vague understanding of Unix type commands and can set environment paths on the Mac/PC. IMPORTANT: Follow them at your own risk. My phone was an unlocked device, if you have a contract mobile tied to a provider you will need to perform some extra steps not listed below during the upgrade process (Google “creating a gold card for HTC Desire HD”).

You will need to install the Android development tools. Specifically you need Android Development Bridge (ADB) which allows you to send commands to a connected phone.

1. Follow instructions here and here to install ADB to gain temporary root and backup phone using Titanium

2. Install stock ROM. My phone had ROM version 2.50.405.2 on it, need to downgrade to 1.32 to permanently root the device with Flash recovery and enable future ROM updates. Followed the Cyanogen Wiki here

Tip: On a Mac you can use the shell/terminal command “MD5” to validate the files that you download using the MD5 hash (note firmware archive MD5 does not match according to Wiki MD5sum)

3. Used guide here for downgrading ROM in place of the Cyanogen ones as my phone was already on Android 2.3.x… then continued with the Cyanogen Wiki guide. If your phone is still on 2.2. you’ll need to do something different.

4. Cannot do second part of the Cyanogen guide, so used Visionary+ technique here instead and then this

Tip: had to do chmod permissions on the phone’s terminal app (which I downloaded from the Android Market) rather than using adb shell, for some reason adb wouldn’t play for me.

5. Installed Clockwork ROM Manager from Android Market. Choose CyanogenMod7 stable and also checked install Google Apps.

Tip: My phone constantly rebooted after the Cyanogen logo, I had a boot loop! so booted into ROM Manager (power + volume down) and reinstalled Cyanogenmod again from zip on SD-card file after deleting system caches and davlik caches using ROM manager option.

6. Installed Google Apps from zip file menu using Clockwork Recovery Manager

I now have a nice stable HTC Desire HD with CyanogenMod7

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