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Hatred of the file system

11 September, 2011

The iPad is a wonderful device. Having been on holiday recently, I realised just how much this device is changing the way computers will be from now on. Books, photos, movies, games and where available – internet access. All to hand in an unobtrusive, portable format with a highly intuitive user interface. Brilliant.

However the more I use the iPad, the more I start to bang against the ceiling of Apple’s deliberate imposed limitations of the hardware and software.

Why is there no SD-Card slot built in to the iPad? OK so you can use a £25 adapter, but then even worse…no access to the file system. So, without Internet access, how does one backup the contents of the iPad exactly, or transfer files? Why can’t one simply copy files to an attached SD-Card using a file management utility. Why isn’t it possible to simply Bluetooth files to a more flexible device?

Sure there is the excellent iFiles App which allows something akin to a file system and provides Wifi file transfer, but transferring many or large files over Wi-fi is SLOW. iFiles also doesn’t provide access to physical media.

The answer is of course crystal clear. Apple want control of your device and data (and of course your cash). If you want to put something on your Apple device you have to go through the laborious iTunes sync process, visit the one and only Apple app store or use iCloud (or whatever it’s called this week). Ultimately the aim is to remove the file system concept and control the content. No doubt much of this is to appease the media companies, however wrong.

Personally, I’ve never understood the disability of the Cuppertino outfit to provide “advanced” options, even if it voids some kind of warranty. The end result is a constant battle with Hackers, desperate to make the iPad work the way any sane person would want it through a process called Jailbreaking. Instead Apple could embrace the needs of many different users quite easily, but as always it’s their way or the highway.

Having recently been forced to switch to an Android phone from my now dead iPhone I’ve realised just how limiting iOS actually is. As usual Apple treating their users as stupid.

It is rather sad and somewhat pathetic that the tablet war is being fought by lawyers instead of letting the best technology. I suspect Android tablets would become the device of the tech savvy.

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