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Campagnolo Brake Pads 2011 onwards

9 June, 2011

Campagnolo made a change to the brake pad holders in their high end groupsets for 2011. This new style pad holder is fitted on the 2011 Chorus, Record and Super Record brake calipers.  The design is brilliant. Changing pads really was a pain in the backside previously, requiring much effort. Now it really does only need a couple of minutes to change all 4 pads. Simply lift the spring clip holding the brakepad in place using a small flat screwdriver and then slide the pad out (and they really do slide out). This is wonderful for those of us using carbon wheels who need to change pads more often (or swap them if changing back to an aluminium rim).

The problem comes with obtaining replacement pads. The spring mentioned above sits in a small hole on the back of the brake pad. Brake pads prior to 2011 do not have these, so you cannot use them.  However, there are answers:

If you want to fit third party pads,such as Swissstop yellow pads, then for 2011 brakes you will need: “2011 SwissStop RacePro Yellow King Brake Pads for Campagnolo”.  If buying, be careful that these are the 2011 models and they are RacePro pads (RacePro = Campagnolo compatible). The actual SwissStop part number is: 7640121221729. SwissStop yellow pads can be used on either Alu or Carbon rims. However I personally would not recommend using them on both carbon and alu wheels, since small bits of metal may get embedded from the aluminium rims and then ruin your carbon rims if you swap between wheels. The other thing I don’t like is the yellow colour of the pads, but of course, that’s a personal preference!

The second option is Campagnolo’s own brake pads. Personally, I prefer OEM pads, especially the recently improved Campagnolo pads.  Now the fact of the matter is that these are actually available. The problem is that Campagnolo have introduced the new style 2011 pads with the little recess for the spring clip on the rear, but have not changed the part number from the 2010 pad. Discovered, no thanks to large online retailers (who are of little help).  Campag part number for Carbon rims is: BR-RE701/2. Update:  I never realised Campagnolo pads for Shimano Dura-Ace brakes are also available! For carbon rims part number: BR-701X/2

Fortunately, a real world bike shop (Sigma Sport) actually checked the pads and sold me pair of carbon specific ones. Funnily enough, that’s the second time this shop has helped me out…the first time was obtaining my Colnago C59 Italia almost a year ago. Thanks guys.

Campagnolo 2011 Brake Pad Holder

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  1. Richard Holladay permalink
    27 December, 2011 07:32

    Thanks for the info! This is welcome news as I want to be able to use both my Eurus and soon-to-have Boras. So now I know where to get the updated pads for carbon rims, where can I get them for aluminum rims, and where can I get the new Campy 2011 holders to replace those on my 2007 Campy Skeletons?

    • 5 March, 2012 14:52

      Sorry about the slow reply. The fact is you can’t get the parts easily, at least not in the UK.

      The easiest way to do this is to actually buy a new pair of 2011+ Chorus brakes and then just swap the holders over.

      If you can pick up the Chorus brakes in a sale and then sell your new brakes with the older pad holders on ebay or similar (just be honest in your ad) it shouldn’t cost too much.

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