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Configuring your iPhone to retrieve NTLWorld IMAP email

5 May, 2011

Configuring the iPhone (the iPod Touch should be the same) to retrieve mail from your NTL IMAP email account is much more fun than a standard email client (depending on your definition of fun). For some reason Apple decided to make the advanced button hard to find, so changing some required settings is hard work. Nevertheless this should help you out. The same settings apply for the iPad, although if I remember correctly you can get to the advanced settings more easily.

Here is how to do it:

1. Go to settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars
2. Tap Add Account..
3. Select Other
4. Tap Add Mail Account
5. Enter your name, your email address (e.g., your email password and a description (this is autofilled and will probably be ntlworld)
6. Hit blue Next.
7. Select IMAP
8. Under Incoming Mail Server:

Host name:
User name: <your email address as in step 5>
Password: <your password as in step 5>

9. Tap Outgoing mail server SMTP. Note that we use the Virginmedia server for SMTP.

Host Name:
User name: <your email address as in step 5>
Password: <your password as in step 5>

10. Press blue Next. The account will now try and verify. It will fail.
11. Say no to the “Cannot Connect Using SSL, Do you want to try connecting without SSL” prompt
12. Press Next again (sometimes it pays to be persistent!)
13. You will receive a warning saying the account may not be able to send and receive emails. Select Save
14. Press blue Save at the top right. You might see a message about adding account.
15. Now we can get into advanced settings (thanks for making it so hard Apple!).  Tap on your new NTLWorld Account and then tap on it again to open the details. Scroll to the bottom and we now have an advanced option. Tap this and set the following:

Use SSL: turn this on
Authentication is set to Password.
Change the server port to 993  (it’s probably currently set at 143).  Just press the Back/Account button to save.

16. We now also want to change the ports and SSL configuration on the SMTP Settings (outbound mail). Under Outgoing Mail Server tap the line SMTP

17. On the next page tap on the primary server ( Make sure the settings are like this:

Host Name:
User name: <your email address as in step 5>
Password: <your password as in step 5>
Use SSL: Turn this On
Authentication: set to password
Server port: Change to 465

18. Press Done and then Done.

Try out Mail and you should be able to get to your NTL mail on your iPhone. If it doesn’t work, check you are actually able to get onto the internet by testing a web page using Safari. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious.  The settings might also work for Virginmedia mail accounts, you can just probably just substitute the domain with in step 8.  This was tested with iPhone iOS 4.3.2.

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  1. Neville Hobbs for Deb McKenzie permalink
    18 May, 2011 14:15

    Brilliant. I have been trying to collect e-mail for Deb and suceeded after reading this. It should be on the NTL site!

  2. chris hodgkinson permalink
    24 June, 2011 17:06

    Thank you so much for what you have written above. Very clear to follow, which is especially helpful to someone like me, who has owned his first smartphone for only three days! It worked.

    • 26 June, 2011 14:38

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. Always good to know it worked.

  3. Taffy permalink
    8 September, 2011 11:59

    Hi – I tried it 3 times, and it still did not work. Cant understand why Apple make it so hard. Makes me mad to the core!!!

    • 11 September, 2011 10:50

      Let me know where you get stuck and I’ll see if I can help. Are you using an NTL email address or Virgin? I’ve got two iPads, two iPhones and an Android configured using these settings.

  4. steve permalink
    20 October, 2011 19:31


  5. ken c permalink
    26 October, 2011 16:45

    ty soooo much … worked first go … why the heck cant ntl tell u this and apple make it a bit simpler to do …. anyway … thanks again for posting

  6. ken c permalink
    26 October, 2011 16:46

    one other thing … this was done on a day old iphone 4 running ios 5

  7. Andy woolterton permalink
    16 November, 2011 21:53

    Thanks very much, been struggling for a week trying to make the e-mail work on my iPhone, followed your instructions (very easy to do) worked first time.
    Thanks again

  8. PJS permalink
    27 December, 2011 10:51

    Thanks! Sorted me out too

  9. Neil Mitchell permalink
    5 March, 2012 17:42

    Another grateful thank you for sorting out the problem which Virgin Media and Apple seem incapable of solving with straightforward instructions. Why do these things have to be so complicated for the Big Boys when guys like you find it so easy to give up your free time and pass on your knowledge to help others. Just configured my partners new iPad2 32Gb (WIFI only) using your instructions and its happily sending and receiving emails. BRILLIANT!! Recently got an iMac 27″ All in One desktop and have become disillusioned with Apple following their failed instructions on how to correct it’s inability to stay connected to a wifi network. I was half expecting a problem with the iPad when I didnt see Virgin Media or NTL World listed as an email client.

    Once again Big Big Thanks!

    • 12 March, 2012 00:52

      Thanks Neil (and everyone else who has posted) for your kind feedback.

    • 12 March, 2012 00:57

      Oh and the Wifi problem: if the WiFi still claims to be connected but nothing works until the router is rebooted, then it may actually be the router. I don’t know what you have, but my Linksys used to this. Upgrading the router firmware solved it for all our various Apple products.

      • Neil Mitchell permalink
        12 March, 2012 08:53

        Thanks for the Wifi comment. The iMac 27″” (Lion O.S.) doesn’t get on with the Belkin ‘N’ wireless router after he’s been to sleep! It’s a minor irritation to right click the desktop top right wireless ‘grey’ radiating icon, select the network, the icon turns to ‘black’ and it reconnects immediately. Don’t have any problem at all with my iPhone4 staying connected or my partners recently purchased iPad2. I’ll check for firmware and Lion updates and post a comment in due course. Thanks again!

      • Neil Mitchell permalink
        20 March, 2012 17:04

        Lion update done the trick! Happy Days!!

  10. Lea permalink
    18 March, 2012 19:55

    Fantastic! thank you sooooooo much x

  11. Hewzey permalink
    18 February, 2013 20:24

    amazing… the port thing was it!!

  12. Steve permalink
    10 March, 2013 13:58

    Absolutely brilliant. After hours of searching and trying varying fixes this is the only one that worked on iPad 4. The server port was the fix.
    Many, many thanks, Steve

    • 11 March, 2013 23:22

      I need to update the posting a bit, but I’m glad it helped. Thanks for the feedback.

  13. 24 March, 2013 21:49

    Finally have the emails working, I have a 4s which is set up using exchange and as was this other phone until it had to be replaced by apple, and I tried setting it up the same as it had been but to no avail, but these instructions worked a treat
    Many thanks

  14. Roy permalink
    22 September, 2013 19:33

    Great thank you works great on 5s as well

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